Work Ethic

Having a job you don’t necessarily want to be doing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it your all. It doesn’t mean you don’t do your job with integrity. Being able to move into different positions in a company or getting a completely different job means you need to discipline yourself and commit to your tasks before moving forward. You need to take responsibility for your actions. Whether it’s getting to work on time or finishing tasks with overall great quality. When working in a team make sure you contribute as a team. Having a great sense of teamwork will go a long way to meet company goals.

It's all about work ethic.

In my first couple years of college I made sacrifices other college students may not do. I gave up every single weekend to drive an hour home just to work at a minimum wage job. Getting up at 4AM every Saturday and Sunday while in college isn't fun. At times I had 3 jobs. One semester I worked 40+ hours during night shift and without any sleep I would drive an hour to Chico State for class. In my last 3 years of college I worked an hour from Chico having to get up at 5AM, work 8 hours, and then drive back.

I'm sure many other people have had worse sacrifices and done a lot more than me. Those are just my experiences but because of those sacrifices I was able to have my fun later on. I was able to leave a great job to travel for 9 months straight. Once I'm back in the States I'll be back at it again and work, work, work!

What have you had to sacrifice?