Jobs are Replaceable

Oh the relief, I let my job know that I will be leaving work by the end of June. I enjoy working with the people I’m with but just not the actual job/location I’m in. I gave plenty of notice for them to find replacement and I hope they find someone great! I can honestly say I have worked so hard to put so many different programs into place and I wouldn’t want it all to go to waste. But then again, I have to remember that it won’t be my responsibly anymore.

I feel that if it’s not family holding one back from doing what they really want to do then it’s a job holding them back. See that’s the thing, jobs are replaceable. You may have an amazing job but your heart is somewhere else.  That’s when you have a lot of thinking to do. If you have a lousy job then even more reason to pick up and go!

Go and follow your dreams. Go and move to a new exciting place. Go meet new people. Go try out other opportunities. You get the point right? As cheesy as it sounds to the majority of  people, following your dreams is what you’re here for. Do something great not only for yourself but for others as well.

We aren’t born to grow up and live miserable lives. If you’re miserable then most likely you’re making those around you miserable. With new medicine and all new technology we can live closer 100 years now! Do you want to look back and wonder about something you could have done when you were young and able?

Think about it. Imagine yourself few years down the road or 10 years or 20 years. Will your older self be happy? Will you be satisfied?