Live. Study. Travel.

Studying abroad has been one of those most invaluable experiences I’ve had in my life so far. I’m sure many people can agree. Whether you go abroad for a month or for a year the experience will change you forever. Well, that’s what happened to me. Back in the summer of 2012 I studied in Bilbao, Spain for 2 months. I regret not staying longer because it has changed the way I see the world. It has also helped me understand what I do and don’t want to do for the rest of my life. It’s been 3 years now since that experience and I still think and dream about it every single day. This experience left a lasting impression. Every day I think of new places I can explore. I think of places I can live and new adventures that I can take on.

I definitely recommend studying aboard to everyone in college!! Take some time from your normal routine and see the world. Study in a new environment, meet new people and make long lasting connections. Your eyes will open up and see a new light if you open your mind.

Unless you’re closed minded and don’t embrace new experiences then you will have a horrible time. Trust me on this one though, open up and let it all in.

Don’t let anything hold you back. Whether it’s family, friends, money or a job. Your family and friends should support you and money and jobs are replaceable. If you’re a college student then we all get it, you’re broke. Stop wasting all your money on alcohol and materialistic items just to impress others. Save up. Work a few jobs/gigs. Throughout college I always worked 2-3 jobs and people, still till this day, ask how I have the money to travel. Well here’s my secret, working and saving. No, mommy and daddy didn’t give me a dime to travel but they did give me their full on support. Besides asking me “estas loca?!” meaning ‘are you crazy,’ they never told me not to do it. They were just your typical worried parents while still being supportive.

Before studying abroad I thought that my dream job would be to work for a big corporation and work my way up. As soon as I got back from Spain I wondered, ‘what was I thinking!?” That is definitely NOT what I want to do. How boring is that? Working a 9-5 job for the rest of your life. You're working to make someone else rich rather than yourself. I don’t want any of that. I know running a business isn’t an easy task but it is what I would like to do someday.

Pushing paper and pen doesn’t excite me in anyway, for some, that’s a living and they actually like it! I will never understand those people.

Live. Study. Travel. Enjoy life!